Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update, August 12

In the last post I mentioned that Dad had been diagnosed with a ruptured diaphragm. This was a reasonable diagnosis, given his symptoms and the fact that recent scans showed some of his abdominal organs sitting a bit high (i.e., as if they had migrated up and through the diaphragm).

The surgery was to be done laparoscopically. When the surgeons went in and searched for the torn section of the diaphragm, they weren't able to find anything. So far, little to no communication from the doctors about what they now think is causing Dad's shoulder pain and the apparent ascension of his abdominal organs.

Dad was kept at the hospital for a day or two so he could recover from the surgery. He's home again now, enjoying the hospitality of Elisabeth, Sean, and Jason. They're all taking their turn cooking these days. No word on whether or not Jason's meals are edible.

The family recently started the tradition of doing a conference call on Skype every Sunday night. Last Sunday we spent most of the time taking distorted snapshots of ourselves (oh, the beauty of Macintosh computers), sending them to each other, and laughing. Sean has officially been crowned King of the Photobooth.

Some people have asked me if I feel some sense of relief after leaving California. I think they're under the impression that I was having a really difficult time down there, and that a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Looking back, there are still some places that my imagination won't go, but I thank God that my memories from the last two months are now a sort of holy ground, and I can't visit them without feeling peaceful, thankful, and better. I felt no burden until I came back to Canada. Being on the phone with Dad helps a little, but part of me just wants to go back and be with him. I truly miss him. From what I can gather during those phone calls with Dad, he is still improving. A little stronger every day. The pace is slow, but it has been relatively steady. Still a long road ahead. I envy the people that get to walk it with him.


  1. We're concerned to hear about Kent's surgery but happy to know that he's back home and improving little by little each day.

    I know from personal experience Daniel what it is to have a loved one far away but know that you have done your very best and still do. Your dad knows that you're at his side even though you're now in Canada.

    Those phone conversations with him mean very much to him and he knows your heart is with him which is very,very important.

    You dad, and each one of you continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

    All our love,

    Pres. and Sis. John A. Harris

  2. Could Dan Wood please contact me at

    Thank you for sharing this blog. The life and tesimony of Kathy Woods are greatly complimented by the wonderful posts and comments here.

  3. Daniel:
    This is Uncle Don. Please contact me through my e-mail which is Thanks for all you do.

  4. Dearest Daniel, I am your great aunt Marjorie and I want to thank you for your superior writing ability and generosity in keeping us posted with progress reports about Kent's improvements. (How we chuckled as you told of the Skype call and photo contest!) Bless you for sharing your deepest feelings about your precious mom and dad. Bless you also, as you pursue your studies to
    become a neuro scientist. Love & many warm hugs!

  5. What a blessing it has been to follow the progress of your wonderful father and read your inspired writings about your mother, Kathy, one of the great women of this generation. We are so impressed with you, the children of Kent and Kathy. I was so very grateful to speak to your dad on the phone yesterday, and hear his tender voice and feel of his spirit. I will be working tomorrow in the San Diego temple with my husband, Ken Jordan and my father, Don C Wood Jr. Please know that you and your family will be in our prayers and be assured that there are still so many people who are thinking about all of you. We love you so much. We are still looking forward to sharing root beer floats and dunkin' donuts with your dad when we see him again. Thank-you again for keeping us posted about what has happened this summer. We will cherish your beautiful thoughts and memories forever. It was a tremendous blessing for us to see all of you at your mom's memorial service. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Love to you,

    Regina (Kent Wood's Cousin)