Friday, July 3, 2009

Some setbacks

Today was difficult. The efficiency of Dad's breathing gradually deteriorated until the doctors decided to intubate him again. So he's back on the ventilator. There is also a concern that a more resistant bacterial infection has taken over the lungs, as his white blood cell count is climbing again, along with his heart rate and temperature.


  1. We love and pray for your dad...he is an amazing are all of you going through this and sharing this experience with us. Thanks.

  2. Happy 4th of July!!! We put your dad's name on the temple prayer roll again as it has been 2 weeks now. Please tell him hello from Guy and Terri. What are your favorite kind of cookies? We can at least do something for you guys! Thanks for the updates!

  3. We continue to pray for your dad and are so very grateful to you for keeping us posted on his health status. It's amazing to see and feel how much you love and admire him as you're at his side helping him along. I have been very ill and have received morphine and the such for severe pain and can tell you that even in small amounts in a 24 or 48 hr period is hard to deal with. We do love you, and continue to keep you in our prayers,

    All our love
    John and Nydia Harris

  4. Sending Love And Prayers.. Your Dad is a wonderful man..He is much loved by many..
    I continue to pray for your Dad and your family Dee St John

  5. Hang in there, guys. We're all still pulling for you.

  6. Kent has climbed a few mountains and this recovery is no different. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Kent!

    Our love to everyone staying at Wood Manor


    Dan & Leanne

  7. It's true that most people don't know what it's like to live through an accident like this--I'm one of the few. I can assure you that your dad's sense of humor, language use, and memory show that he's all there; he'll be again the dad you've always known and loved, when all this is over. I've sent an e-mail with some attachments to your g-mail account, sharing some insights and a story about your great-grandfather O. Leslie Stone.

    Set-backs are scary; God bless and comfort you. All is well.

  8. Dear Wood Children:

    So happy to hear the progress! Your family is our daily prayers. When Richard had his heart valve operation, it was a long long time to recuperate, lots of ups and downs, but the thing is you ARE making progress!! It has been 5 years since Richard's surgery and he's pretty normal now (uhmm if he ever was???) Thank you for sharing your heartwarming stories -- Your Dad must be feeling much better if he's dreaming about pastry! huh! Sounds like you all have a great sense of humor which is such asset in these situation

    With love and prayers,
    Jeri & Richard Mork
    Folsom, CA

  9. Dear Ones, Today is Fast Sunday and as I told the congretation about our concerns for Kent, I asked the Whole Cave Creek, AZ. ward to include him in their prayers today and everyone who spoke to me afterwards assured me they would. So, count on even more prayers going up and if Heavenly Father will leave him here among us, we shall look forward to many more positive blogs. Bless you Daniel and all! Aunt Marjorie