Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update on Kent, July 5

Dad just finished another successful spontaneous breathing trial, and now the respiratory specialist is doing some IPV (inter-pulmonary percussion ventilation) treatment with him. During IPV, saline is rhythmically pumped into the lungs in order to dislodge secretions, which are then removed with suction.

Dad's red blood cell count was down this morning, indicating that there is internal bleeding somewhere in his body. They immediately stopped giving him heparin (a blood thinner to address his blood clots) so that the bleeding would have a chance to coagulate. Because his inactivity puts him at risk for more blood clots, the doctors surgically implanted an IVC filter. This umbrella-shaped filter latches to the walls of the inferior vena cava (one of the major veins that supply blood to the heart) and prevents blood clots from passing.

His breathing is stable, his fever is gone, and he is sleeping soundly. In spite of the recent setbacks, Dad is doing well. Due to the combination of injuries he suffered, however, it is becoming clear that his recuperation will take longer than previously expected. I will try to keep everyone informed about changes in his health, but it may be the case that over the next weeks his health will change very little, or only very gradually. This also has obvious implications for the funeral services for Mom. Please know that as soon as we have some reliable idea of when Dad will be released from the hospital, we will schedule the services and publish them here for anyone interested in attending.

I mentioned to some friends today that the love and support that has been given to our family has exceeded our capacity to respond. I can extend that same sentiment to all of you. Thank you for the private emails, the calls, the visits, and the comments on this blog. We will not forget your kindness.


  1. So glad for the update. I check your blog several times a day, and am always thrilled when there is some word on Kent's progress. This is a difficult time for your family--I hope that the you feel some comfort in the many prayers that are said in your behalf. Thank you for keeping us posted through this blog.

  2. We cheer every time improvement is posted! Though it may be slow it is wonderful! Your dad and your family are in our prayers daily, multiple times. Thank you so much for keeping everyone up to date.

  3. Dearest family,
    My name is Ludona H. Smith. My husband Ken and our three children, Collin, Ian, and Kendra, moved to Folsom after living in Saudi Arabia for several years.
    We only lived in Folsom for about 2 years and your father and mother were very influential in our lives. Your father as Bishop and your mother as advisor and friend.
    Please contact me at or call at 863-409-3762 to let us know an address where we can send our condolences.
    We are anxious to contact you.
    Our love, Ludona, Ken, Collin, Ian and Kendra

  4. You all are in the thoughts and prayers of all the remaining remnants of the old YV Ward.

  5. Thank you for the updates. And never apologizes for adding in sentiments. That is what keeps you going through all this. And thank you for sharing the funny things too. These too get you through. Your mom had such a fun sense of humor I know it brings her joy to see that you have reason to smile and laugh through all of this. Are prayers are continually with Pres. Wood and all your family.Much Love, The Skinners

  6. Undle Don again,
    I check the blog several times daily to check up on how my nephew is progressing. As I have already told you I have the V.A. Wood family (Kent's parents and siblings) and the R.V. Stone family (Kathy's parents and siblings) in the San Diego Temple Prayer Roll. I live next door to it and work there (as an Ordinance Worker) several days a week. Our prayers are always with you all.

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated, Dan. Although your dad's progress is slow, it seems to be steady. I am so glad that you and the rest of the family can be by his side. We love your family, and we are keeping you in our prayers.

  8. Dear Wood family,
    On behalf of our whole family, we send love and prayers and thanks to all of you for the wonderful support you are for all of us.
    We all have very fond memories of your parents and their families. Our arms are around you.
    The Pingrees

  9. Dear Woodies....thanks for the updates. We love you all and thanks for maintaining the blog and such during the difficult times. Loves and Hugs from the Knechtions around the world.