Monday, June 22, 2009

The accident

[Updated on Mon. June 29]

There are a few versions of the accident floating around, so it might be useful to have a more official account given here. Of course, the details of the event are still gradually coming into focus for us, so I'll just stick to what we know for sure. We know that Dad and Mom were driving home from Girl's Camp, and that it was about midnight on Friday, June 19th. Near the Folsom Prairie City off-ramp on I-50, their car fishtailed, ran up an incline, and flipped a number of times. Mom's death was instantaneous. The first officer on the scene informed us that when he arrived, he found that Dad was conscious, but disoriented until they were able to sedate him.


  1. That's pretty accurate. If you have further questions, Brother Nethercott has my number. Brother Lammi

  2. Thank you for sharing is so touching that your father in his agony would crawl to be by his sweetheart. My heart aches for your family especially after losing my sweet father just three months ago. The love and memories of your mother will sustain you through this time. Your parents emulate a True Celestial Marriage and it is obvious of their great love for one another. They also are great examples of our Savior Jesus Christ and great servants of the Lord. Many will say, she's in a better place...but after losing a parent recently, that is not really a comfort because she isn't with you. What a great legacy she has left and a comfort to know you will all see her again. You will never stop missing her, but it will get easier in time through the comfort of the Holy Ghost. May the Lord Bless you all! Jenny Chidester, from former Fair Oaks Stake

  3. Dear Kent and Wood Family,
    Our hearts are aching. We feel a sense of love and thankfulness for whole Wood family. We will miss Kathy more than we can imagine. She has always been a strong, sweet example to us with her unfailing testimony and love of the gospel. We'll miss her beautiful smile and wonderful singing. The world is a better place because of her.
    With Love, Mort and Catrina Martin

  4. Dear Wood Family,

    Our hearts are heavy for your loss at this time. When we lost a daughter last year, Kent sent us an inspiring letter filled with hope and love. Our prayer is that hope and love will overshadow the grief of your loss. Words don't suffice. We just wish we could ease the burden in any way possible.

    Hang in there!

    Love, Jay and Lonni Mooreland

  5. We were blessed to know your parents in Antioch. I was a young mother, struggling in many ways, and your mom was a shining example to me, as she was a much older, much more mature old mother of about 30 (did I mention she was old?)! Though we were very different and were at very different places in life, Kathy never, ever made me feel less than wonderful. One Christmas, she was leading the TriStake Choir for the Messiah at the Oakland temple. She had soloed for them in the past, but if I recall correctly, she didn't want to take time away from you all. So, she lead our individual stake practices for the 6 or 8 Sundays prior to the big show. I am in no way a singer, but with help from Kathy, I was able to reach most of the notes. When the various stake choirs met at the TriStake Center, Kathy's duties of conducting were over and to my great surprise she joined me in the Alto section. I had the great pleasure of listening to her angelic voice for the entire concert. A treasured memory that I felt you might like to share. We moved from California to go to school and I haven't connected again since. I applied for a job in Folsom and had looked forward to meeting up again with your parents. Time is so fragile. I am sorry for your suffering, but am selfishly so happy to have had such a fine example of womanhood. Looking at the photo of your mom and dad brought back memories of a young beautiful couple starring in Oklahoma (I just had to sing the song to get the spelling right!). If you can add us to your well wishers list, please send our love to your dad.
    With love and hope, Cara Caldwell, with Bruce, Calin, Adam, Bennett, Alyssa, and Rebecca, Reno, NV.

  6. Time is indeed precious... Earthly relationships are for but a short while. Celestial relationships are eternal. It is nice to know we are sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father and Mother, that we are returning to Them after our brief stay here on Earth. Kathy has always been and continues to be a shining example of a Heavenly Daughter... I don't know the Wood family, however I know that they believe in the Gospel, so we are connected. You sound so strong and I know it is because of your Faith. My extended family feels your loss and we pray for your comfort... with love.

  7. Our prayers and love go out to your family. Losing a parent and life companion is incredibly painful, even when we have knowledge and understanding of life beyond the veil.
    Please let your Father know we will keep him in prayer especially for his healing.
    Sent with love for each of you,
    Michael and Linda Pavlick formerly of Folsom 4th, now of Buda Ward, adjacent to south Austin, Texas