Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on Kent

Here are the details concerning Dad's condition as of today (June 22):

* He had a collapsed lung and a half-dozen broken ribs on his left side. His lung was punctured, so they are draining blood from it, and also removing the air that is escaping from his lung into his chest and abdomen. He is currently on a ventilator.

* There was a gash on the back of his head. This has been stitched, and there is no sign of any related brain damage.

* There was some swelling and bleeding behind his eye, and there was some initial concern for Dad's vision, but this has been ruled out. His vision seems fine so far.

* Generally, he is in and out of consciousness. The pain medication keeps him asleep most of the time. When he is most alert, he responds to questions with smiles, nods, and squeezing our hands. He occasionally asks questions by mouthing one or two words.

* Contrary to early reports, there is no apparent damage to his neck vertebrae. Some external elements of his lower vertebrae were chipped off, but this will not require any intervention.

* We have been touched by the many offers to visit and stay with him. Arrangements have already been made to have someone with him in the event that an immediate family member can't be there. Until his condition is more stable, we ask that people refrain from visiting him.

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