Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Services for Mom

Because we can't predict exactly when Dad will be out of the hospital, we haven't set a date for the memorial services for our mother. When we are able to set a date and time, we'll let everyone know through this blog and other outlets. We anticipate that it will be held between mid-July to early-August.


  1. Thank you. I will FOREVER cherish the time I was able to work with your father on the stake level and your mother in the choir for the temple dedication. She was a fantastic director. I would sing for her any day! She was so dedicated to the Spirit and aiming for perfection. I love her. And working with your father on the stake level was priceless. I am so thankful for the blessings of crossing paths with both of them!
    Mary Bair - the old Fair Oaks Stake with fond memories!

  2. I love your parents so much. I was fortunate enough to teach your Mom voice lessons. I was so grateful to have her spirit and singing fill my home and my heart. I will never forget her and I am so grateful she was in my life. My prayers are with you and your family and especially with Kent.
    Best wishes,
    Karen Anderson- Martinez Ca.

  3. From Donald and Karen (Vancil) Taylor:

    Please let Bud and Pat know of our love and prayers in their behalf. We also pray for Kent's recovery, and bear testimony that your family is being watched over and cared for at this difficult time by a loving and merciful Father in Heaven.

    Don and I sang in a little group together with Kathy and her brother, Ronnie, while we were teenagers. We have fond memories of our many rehearsals in her parents' home and ours. Pat was my vocal coach in high school. I love that family!

    Kent will remember us as the couple that sat next to him and Kathy at BYU Idaho, as we then watched OUR children in performance on stage. We felt we had come full circle...

    I currently work at the San Diego Temple as the President's Secretary. I know Kent's uncle, Don, very well; and his daughter, Regina told me of Kathy's death. I, and others, have been placing your family's names on the prayer rolls. Once again, our love and prayers go out to Kathy's family. We are so saddened to hear of such tragedy.

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  5. Dan,
    Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. Because your parents have touched the lives of so many including myself, I know there is a great desire to help in some way and this blog at least helps us to be aware of your dads progress. I love your mom and dad so much. Your father was a great support to me as my Bishop when I was going through a very trying time in my life and both Kathy and Kent were always great friends to me when I lived in Folsom. I'm sure there are endless prayers going out for your father's health and comfort and for each of you in this most trying time.
    Jeff Fales

  6. From Darci and James Allen: To the friends and family of Kent and Kathy, We did not have much time to get to know them very well but the time we did have with them was wonderful. We are so very sorry for your loss of your mother she was truly an angel from above and when the lord calls his most devoted followers home it can be heart wrenching. Please do know that in some way or another she touched the hearts of many. She was truly an inspiration to all and she will always be missed and loved. Our prayers are also with your father. We hope that his recovery will be fast and easy not only from his wounds but from the loss of his wonderful wife.

  7. President Wood is one of those rare people whom one meets and instantly feels genuine love. Leadership and charity define this man. I hurt badly for him and his family.

    Geoff Young

  8. To the Wood family - As soon as Traci called with the news we suddenly became the point people for keeping the people of Antioch informed. We so loved Kent & Kathy & all of you growing up here in Antioch. We feel like you belong to us! I just wanted to let you know of the throngs of people here in the Antioch area, and those who have moved from here who love your family and are praying for you all. On behalf of so many here, please know that you are in the thoughts & prayers of so many here! Love Roger & Diedra Mahaffey

  9. You have done an amazing thing to help all of us, your parents' friends be able to understand what happened and keep up to date--thanks.

    Our family prayers are with you all.

    Mike and family

  10. May the Lord bless each in your family!!! Love, Oral and Sandra Custer & family

  11. We love Pat and Bud as family! Our children grew up together in Modesto and many tears have been shed for all because of this tragedy. Many prayers have also been sent to our Father in Heaven for their comfort and understanding in Kathy's crossing the veil. She will be sorely missed by all but thank heavens we have the gospel and know for certain where she is at this time. Please feel our love and prayers for both families and give Kent's hand a squeeze for us.
    Ray and Marianne Feller