Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning update, June 29

Dad's condition is steadily improving. Here are some of the important stats this morning:

Heart rate is 120

Temp is 37.8 C

PEEP is at 10.0

Oxygen is at 35%

These are very encouraging stats, especially in light of the fact that the nurses have dramatically reduced the amount of pain killer he's getting. Last night, Kristen and I figured out that he is much more comfortable when we stuff pillows under his knees -- having his legs elevated takes the pressure off of his lower back, which must be a significant source of discomfort due to the broken transverse processes.
He's still fighting the infection in his lungs, but that seems to be going well. He has a bad contusion on his left eye (and what looks like strabismus in the right eye), but the ophthalmologist seemed to think everything was satisfactory after an examination yesterday.

Late last night there was a brawl outside the ICU. We had momentarily stepped outside to give the nurses some room while they repositioned Dad, when a group of distraught people entered the waiting room. From their conversations, we gathered that their son had just drowned. The boy's mother was fainting every few minutes. More and more friends and family arrived until the waiting room was completely packed. After a few minutes an argument broke out. Following some harsh words, there was an altercation, which unfortunately caught some innocent bystanders by surprise. We tried our best to diffuse the situation by expressing our sorrow and acknowledging their loss. Two good friends who were visiting at the time went and spoke with the instigators of the fight and helped them calm down. It was around this time that the boy's mother went into cardiac arrest. This caused even more confusion. Everyone was sobbing, and a few people were throwing up. I felt so incredibly sad for this family. After the emergency team came and wheeled away the mother, we were able to make our way past the police, who were also pretty agitated. It was nice to be back with Dad. He has a way of comforting people even when he's the one in critical condition.


  1. Wonderful report this morning, Daniel. I appreciated Jessica's comments reminding us to pray for your dad's specific needs as we did for Matt's. Be assured your dad's name is on the rolls of temples nationwide. You are doing a great job as family spokesman and it is wonderful that you all trade off staying with Kent. You will remain in our prayers.

    Betty and Brian Wadell

  2. I teared up when I read your last comment about your dad having a way of comforting people even when he is the one in critical condition. Your dad was our bishop for 5 years and has been our stake president for the last 9 1/2 years and I can't think of a more comforting person to be around. I'm so glad he is still of comfort to you even in critical condition. Thank you for keeping us up to date on your dad's condition. Your dad and family are in our constant prayers.

    Rick and Kris Wells

  3. I spent an hour or so Sunday afternoon looking at my old Camp Liahona group pictures. Kathy was one of the revered older girls and I was one of the younger in 1971-3. Kathy, Elaine and Kim were natural leaders who sat in the big rocking logs at the back of the fire circle, singing beautiful harmonies to all our camp songs and lifting us closer to heaven.

    Richard remembers a summer when he and Kent both worked as carpenters for Stone Brothers Construction. Kent was just returned from his mission and Richard, preparing to serve his, was grateful to have contact with so worthy an Elder.

    All the Stones were so kind to me and my family at the time of my accident in November of 1975, during my two weeks in a coma and through all the long recovery that followed. I am grateful to be able to assure you now--with the absolute certainty of personal experience--that even if Kathy's death was not instantaneous, it was gentle and comfortable, in spite of the apparent horror of the surrounding circumstances. It may appear to those of us left behind to have been a horrible way to die, but I KNOW that death was in fact another sweet experience in Kathy's life.

    Of course you are all in our prayers. Richard is looking forward to next summer, taking his big telescope up to Young Men's Encampment and inviting Kent to be guest lecturer.

    Much love to the Woods and Stones,

    Richard and Jill Taylor

  4. Dear Wood Family:

    We are so glad to hear your dad's doing better today. We heard this morning that he was not doing well but were encouranged when we checked your blog.

    I just finished reading an Email I received in December from your mother where she said she and your dad would do some work at the temple for our family, the Mork line. I received the temple names back from the temple the week before the accident. We were suppose to pick them up but forgot to, so now we will be able to do the sealings for the couple your parents did endowments for.

    Sincerely yours with prayers and love,
    Jeri and Richard Mork & family

  5. Daniel, You have been an amazing spokesman for your family...thank you. It is comforting to be able to check in and see how your dad is doing. I am not as eloquent as many of the other bloggers, but want you to know each of you is in our prayers. As I read about your night last night and played it out in my mind, I knew just how it felt to get back to your dad. I will never forget, I was his first Temple Recommend interview as Stake President, and I couldn't quit crying. He too continued to tear up. I finally had to tell him what I was feeling and it was that I felt as if he were the Lord himself interviewing me. It was such a sweet experience. I love that the Nurses sort of fight over who get your dad when the shift starts! They as we, all love him.

    Much love to you and your family,
    Lori Broadbent

  6. Daniel, I too have enjoyed reading daily updates on your Dad and his road to recovery. I have so many sweet and wonderful memories with your family and the many fun times we spent together. I remember going to Aspen Grove with all of you in the 80's and watching you all perform your amazing musical talents, as my family sat and stared at each other thinking, "What are we going to do?"

    Your parents have always been some of my favorite people and have been a silent example to me, even though I haven't been able to live near them all my life. As I read that last line in your post, I immediately felt what you meant when you said that. He has a way of looking at the positive in all things.

    My prayers are with you and your family daily. We love you and will continue to think of you.

    Much Love to the entire Wood Family,

    Molly Carollo Pickett

  7. Daniel, We love your family. It was good to see you on Sunday. We so appreciate your updates. Your family is constantly on our minds and in our prayers.
    With so much love,
    The Stauffers

  8. How scary and unnverving. You have such good attitudes & peace of mind to help in such a stressful situation when you yourselves are under so much stress. You're wonderful! I'm glad so much progress is being made by your dad.